What to Bring | Travel to Bhutan

What to Bring on Your Trip

Depending on the time of year you visit Bhutan, you may need to modify this list. Keep in mind that even in the summer sometimes it can be cool at night. It is best to dress modestly, meaning no tank tops, short skirts, shorts (except for hiking), or revealing clothing.

For all tours:

  1. cotton pants
  2. long skirts for women
  3. sweater
  4. heavy down jacket in winter
  5. medium jacket in summer
  6. short-sleeved T-shirts or cotton shirts
  7. long-sleeved T-shirts or cotton shirts
  8. walking shoes or sneakers
  9. socks
  10. pajamas
  11. sunglasses
  12. flip-flops
  13. rain coat or poncho
  14. basic toiletries (toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.)
  15. sunscreen
  16. dressy clothes for festivals

Additional items for trekking:

  1. hiking/trekking boots
  2. socks for hiking boots
  3. first-aid kit
  4. flashlight
  5. hiking pants or shorts
  6. sleeping bag
  7. duffel bag for your gear
  8. small flashlight and batteries
  9. laundry soap, sink stopper, and clothesline
  10. small sewing kit
  11. small clock with an alarm
  12. umbrella
  13. motion sickness medication, like Dramamine
  14. aspirin
  15. diarrhea medicine, like Imodium AD
  16. Band-Aids
  17. tweezers
  18. small towel and/or washcloth
  19. altitude sickness medication
  20. antibiotic cream
  21. insect repellent
  22. moleskin for blisters
  23. snacks, such as energy bars
  24. bag for dirty clothes
  25. pocket knife
  26. safety pins
  27. small scissors