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About Zopa Adventure Travels

ZOPA Adventure Travels (ZAT) welcomes you to the Kingdom of Bhutan. We are a government-licensed travel agency with over a decade of professional experiences. The company offers an assortment of standard tours & trek as well as customized packages. ZAT is a well-established company, with a strong wide network offering professional & hospitable expertise flavored with exquisite modern amnesties yet with a personalized touch.

ZAT is committed to Bhutan’s tourism culture. One of the salient living principles of Bhutan is to implement the concept of Gross National Happiness. As such, promoting sustainable Tourism in Bhutan has become an essential means, particularly after the privatization of tourism in the 1990s. Therefore, Bhutanese Tourism today lives by the corporate policy of rendering “High Value, Low Volume”.

This National ethos pervades our services, which in essence will safeguard the integrity of our diverse biological habitats and the unique indigenous culture. ZAT is a committed advocate of Sustainable tourism.