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Bhutan In Brief

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is landlocked by the two emerging giants of Asia- India and China. With the size of 38,394 square Km, Bhutan currently has a population of approximately less than a million people as per the study by National Statistics Bureau of Bhutan. The Kingdom rises from the tropical plains in the south to the majestic snow capped mountain peaks in the North. Centuries of self-imposed isolation was a blessing in disguise as today Bhutan enjoys a well-preserved unique culture, environmental and spiritual heritage. Bhutan has an age-old natural reverence towards environment protection and today we have the strictest environmental codes in the world, which led us to preserve rich forest coverage of almost 72% with diverse flora and fauna. Bhutan is widely known as the most authentic tourist destinations in the world. Bhutanese people today still wear their traditional outfit- Gho for males and Kira for females. The age-old code of etiquette formulated in the early 16th century still governs the way of life in Bhutan. Bhutan is popularly known as the only progressive Kingdom in the world that firmly preserves its unique rich culture, tradition, environment, and spiritual values in spite of the daunting developmental acts around the world.

As such Bhutan has earned the prestigious tag of “The Last Shangri-La” and “The Last Bastion of Vajrayana Buddhism” in the world. Today Bhutan is considered as one of the top ten tourism hotspots in the world.