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Shopping & Health in Bhutan


Traditional handicrafts, textiles, Jewelleries, baskets, masks, paintings and woodcarving could be purchased as souvenirs.


While the government of Bhutan does not require the visitors to have any particular vaccinations to enter the country, visitors may wish to talk to their doctor about receiving immunizations against certain preventable diseases. The US Centers for Disease Control has up-to-date travel information about which diseases that the visitors may want to immunize themselves against when traveling to Bhutan. The altitude in Bhutan is higher than many people are used to. Though most visitors will have no problem adjusting, altitude sickness may be a problem for certain people. Our cultural tours do not reach altitudes higher than 3,500 meters. All of our treks reach at least 3,500 meters, and some of our treks go as high as 5,000 meters. More information can be obtained on altitude sickness and prevention from the US Centers for Disease Control and from the International Society for Mountain Medicine.