Currency, Language and Time | Bhutan

Currency, Language And Time

Bhutanese Currency

The unit of currency in Bhutan is called the ngultrum (Nu.) equivalent to the Indian rupee, which is widely accepted all over the country. Visitors can change their traveler’s cheque or cash at the Paro Airport, Bank of Bhutan or the Bhutan National Bank. Credit cards are accepted only at few select shops and hotels. When visiting smaller towns, visitors are advised to bring ngultrums for their purchase, as it may not be possible to exchange their currency. There are no ATMs in Bhutan, and credit cards are accepted only at a few high-end tourist shops. For up-to-date currency exchange information, you can refer to


While Dzongkha is the national language, English is the medium of instruction in schools and is widely spoken and understood by most of the population.

Time Zone

Bhutan’s standard time is six hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and there is only one time zone through out the country. Bhutan’s time is 30 minutes ahead of India, 15 minutes ahead of Nepal and one hour behind Thailand. When it is noon in Bhutan, it is 6am in London, 4pm in Sydney and 1am in New York. The country dialing code is +975.