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Festivals And Tshechus In Bhutan

Festivals or Tshechus are important events and celebrated throughout Bhutan. The term “Tshechu” literally translates into 10th day of the Bhutanese Lunar calendar which is considered auspicious. During Tshechus, Chaams (religious dance) are performed either by monk or by lay people. Besides the religious dancers and singers, there are atsaras ( Clowns) who usually wear masks with big red noses. To most, Atsaras are the soul of Tshechu or festival. They joke and yet they are the ones who maintain order. People also believe that they are religious teachers.

Tshechu is a very colorful event where people dressed in their best clothes and jewellery, eat, socialize, and make merry. More importantly, people go to Tshechus, as it being religious festival, to gain merits. Most Dzongs have an annual Tshechu with a series of traditional and colorful dances performed by trained dancers and monks. There are also secular festivals like the birth anniversaries of the kings, national day celebration, etc., where people gather in their colorful national dress and witness the dances dedicated to the particular day’s celebration